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Update on PAYE 'Errors'

Newsletter issue - November 2010.

The Taxman's new computer has been busy reconciling the PAYE records for millions of people for the 2008/09 and 2009/10 tax years. About 4.7 million of these calculations have led to under or overpayments of tax, and in those cases a form P800 is issued to the taxpayer to show how the tax difference has arisen.

From examining the first batch of P800 forms, we've noticed a number of recurring problems with the Taxman's figures, such as:

  • Incorrect state pension – check this against your notice from the Pensions Service.
  • Estimated amounts of interest or rental income – check to your bank statements.
  • No extension of basic rate limit for pension contributions or gift aid payments – check whether you did make pension contributions or gift aided donations.
  • Missing married couple's allowance – only applies if you are already over 75.

If you do not agree with the figures shown on your P800 form you need to contact the Taxman on the telephone number shown on that form, or we can do this for you.

If you agree the Taxman's figures, and you do have some tax to pay, we have some good news. The maximum amount which will be written-off by the Taxman is now £300 per tax year, not £300 for the two tax years taken together as was previously announced by the Treasury Minister.

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