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Probate and Estate administration

The loss of a loved one can be a very distressing and difficult time, with many formalities needing to be carried out during the weeks and months after their death.

Probate and estate administration is one of these formalities which requires the filing of legal, financial and tax information about the deceased’s estate to the appropriate authorities. For many people this can be the most complex aspect which they have to deal with.

The probate process

There are several stages of the probate and estate administration process and at Barkers we can do all of these things for you. An overview of the process is:

  • Finding the will
  • Applying for the grant of representation
  • Administering the estate
  • Preparing the estate accounts
  • Distributing the assets

Probate can be a minefield. To help explain what’s involved and to help you to understand the legal terms that are often used in these matters, we have created the following guides:

Barkers take the stress away

As authorised probate practitioners we understand that having to sort out the whole probate process can be very daunting, particularly at such a difficult time. However, don’t worry we can ease this burden for you by handling the probate process on your behalf.

We are best placed to provide probate and estate administration services to our clients as we have most, if not all, of the information on our system relating to your finances, assets and tax affairs. This helps speed up the process by ensuring appropriate valuations are gathered and accurate tax calculations are made. However, we can also provide an invaluable service to non-clients, please do contact us for more details.

Our in-depth knowledge of working with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) means we can swiftly handle all the tax aspects relating to the estate, liaising directly with them to answer any questions and to submit any income tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax returns which may be required.

Furthermore, our fees are likely to be very competitive when compared to the likes of banks and solicitors. We recommend you ask for quotes to compare the different probate providers.

As part of our wider service offering, our Inheritance Tax Planning service may also be of use to you and your family.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a free consultation or a fixed quote.

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